Thank you for using Esther's Authentic Foods Ready Stew® (an all-purpose sauce).

I created The Original Authentic African "Ready Stew" as a Nigerian, away from family, traveling and working odd hours, I was home sick for my mother’s aromatic, delicious, hot and spicy Benin-City, Nigerian Stew I grew up with but without the hassle of preparation.” – Mrs. Esther Ovbiebo-Tongo developer of the original Ready Stew® formula.

Esther's Authentic Ready Stew is a universal sauce that can be used for a variety of meals. It adds a unique flavor profile that is not only great on rice, beans, potatoes and fries, but it makes an excellent base for several soups/sauces. It is thick enough to tackle any appetizer and finger foods, from vegetables to chicken fingers to seafood. It is the perfect complement to breadsticks, tacos, burritos, mozzarella sticks and pizza crust!

March 3, 2015

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